About Us

Jacqueline Pomper – Owner & Operator

My professional career started as a civil litigation paralegal sitting second chair to senior partners at two firms.  After some time in that field, I came to realize that if I needed to work with dogs, I preferred them to have 4 legs.

Since then I have spent 30+ years within the pet industry.  My early experiences & accomplishments come from my management of Amber Beech Kennels.  A 100 run dog kennel, grooming facility, garden center, pet supply store, as well as the breeding, training & showing of many Champion Doberman Pinschers; a hobby of which I still continue today. Under my management, I earned Amber Beech their first “Best of Philly” award, the first kennel at that time to earn same.  At the time, these awards were not a pay to play win. They were quietly selected by their own marketing & investigation teams.

When Pet Smart was launched I managed one of their first grooming shops, leaving shortly thereafter due to corporate structure.

In 1998 I developed and launched one of the first “in home” pet sitting concepts, “Waggin’ Tails”.  After having children I then moved on to boarding and grooming dogs in my home. During this 10 yr time frame I worked for a local veterinarian as his surgical vet tech/assistant.

It was always my passion and vision to develop a high end, dog grooming salon akin to what dog owners enjoy for themselves. Dog Daze launched in the summer of 2008 … since then we have added many experienced quality groomers and assistants to our team. I am excited and hopeful that my vision is a pleasant experience for you and your dogs.

Kelli Herbst

Kelli is long married to her husband Rafe and has one daughter Michaela.  Kelli comes from a family of dogs, as her father bred and showed Champion Cocker Spaniels.  Kelli has been grooming professionally since 1997 and was a Veterinary Technician for many animal hospitals throughout the years.  Kelli’s favorite things are her Border Collies; she works her Border Collies in Herding, Dock Diving, Fly Ball, Obedience, Agility, Conformation, and Scent & Barn work.  Kelli’s Kennel name for her quality dogs is Orion Border Collies, and she can be reached at www.orionbordercollies.com.

Our Phenominal Tech Team!

Sierra, Victoria, Jillian & Cat